LESNYC is a collection of digital works created by Nuyorican artist Steve Hernandez commemorating the everyday life, culture and history of New York City’s Lower East Side. Each piece of digital art from the LESNYC Collection is minted as a unique, 1 of a kind digital collectible or a non-fungible token on the Ethereum Blockchain. The source art for the NFT is stored on a globally decentralized, permanent hard drive called Ardrive.
Growing up in LES during the 1980’s Steve was inspired mainly by the many cultures of the neighborhood as well as art, sports and of course computer technology. After using an original Apple Macintosh computer in the 4th grade he later begged his parents for one of his own. Mac’s were super expensive so his folks got him a Commodore 64 instead and then an Emerson 8300SX PC months later. His journey into digital art began when he started creating pixel art using a graphics program called Deluxe Paint Animation. After wrapping up HS he would take the computer skills he had learned at home and attend the School of Visual Arts later graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Art. Over the years Steve has worked professionally with brands that include Nickelodeon, Discovery Inc, Verizon, MSG Networks on a variety of creative projects for online games, websites, on-air promos, print & outdoor/retail displays.
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