Hanna-Barbarians Art Show


The Opening Show for the Hanna-Barbarians Art Exhibit kicked off last week at My Plastic Heart, which is located at 210 Forsyth St. Over 20 different artist from the US and abroad paid homage to their favorite childhood cartoons.

The show runs through May 17th and a few pieces are still available for sale so be sure to drop by and check it out!

Captain Cave Finn & Coochie Copie by Evoker
Really Rotten EF by Eyeformation
Cartoon K9s by Brian Butler
TOP: Roger by Ekiem BOT: Gary Larson, King of the One Liners & It All Started with a Mouse by Chris RWK
Park Life by Phil Lumbang
As the Crow Highs - Reggie Racker - Hotboy Devil - The 3 Ls by Oblvn
Another Saturday Morning by Heidi Kenney
1/2 Full by Nosego
Menace 2 Society by kaNO
LEFT: I am what? A yam?!? by Smut Villain RIGHT: Marceline & Jake by Paul Shih
Mister Wizard by Clams Rockefeller
Nostalgia & Now by Podgy Panda
Doh'nut Logo by Flying Fortress